Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Emerging technology offers a variety of realtor marketing tools that can help you generate commercial real estate leads. While the average real estate broker or agent spends a great deal of time and money generating leads the old-fashioned way, top realtors have begun to work differently and are definitely reaping the rewards. What's the secret to high-performance realtor marketing? Real estate software and technology that saves time and money while augmenting sales and revenue.

Here are some of today's top real estate tools for brokers and agents:

Invoicera helps real estate agents solve some of their most complex electronic invoicing issues. With Invoicera, creating and sending invoices, tracking time, and accepting online payments is simplified. Realtors may even personalize invoices with their own brand logos.

Google SketchUp
Google SketchUp Pro is a simple but powerful way to generate, transform, and present 3D models of real estate that potential home buyers can navigate. Real estate agents use these animated renderings to boost their website listings, allowing potential investors and buyers to see 3-dimensional models of not only listed properties but also those properties' communities and nearby attractions.

Karl's Mortgage Calculator
Karl's Mortgage Calculator helps potential home buyers better understand exactly how much a mortgage will cost as well as what a property is worth. Using Karl's Calculator as a visual aid, brokers are better able to advise buyers on purchases through sophisticated analysis of investments and loans. Offering value-added tools that can guide prospective investors through a variety of scenarios and considerations, including varying interest rates, potential profits, and additional payments against principle, gives potential buyers confidence in their realtor.

Voice Broadcast
At a price of just pennies per call, voice broadcast allows real estate agents to blast a specified list of potential buyers with relevant information, such as new listings, interest rate changes, and more. Realtors may also use the service to stay in touch with past clients and create client referrals. The “Press-1” feature allows realtors to offer a response option, immediately connecting prospective buyers with agents.

This powerful real estate agent marketing tool has become a major component of real estate marketing because it can quickly translate into more leads and income. Agents and brokers simply upload their call lists and record their own voices (or use text-to-speech), and hundreds or thousands of customizable messages are instantly blasted out to real estate listing leads.

Call Tracking
Call tracking solutions allow realtors to save money on underperforming ads by demonstrating which are most effective. Real estate professionals have the option of buying several or even thousands of local and toll-free phone numbers for each unique billboard, radio commercial, or online or newspaper ad. Call Tracking lets agents and brokers track, record, and forward each phone number to analyze which ads are driving the most traffic and to funnel leads for appropriate follow-up.

Well-chosen technological tools allow real estate professionals to better engage with past and prospective clients. The right online software saves realtors both money and time, increasing their bottom lines and providing all necessary resources and information to help their clients make informed property investment decisions. With technology developing at exponential rates these days, who knows what sort of interesting ways real estate agents and home buyers will buy and sell real estate in the future. Are you using tools that are worth mentioning? What has worked in your real estate business?