Friday, April 1, 2016

Talking to a customer service agent over the phone isn’t a favorite activity for many, as it usually revolves around some sort of complaint or service issue. However, such experiences are much more pleasant when the agent on the other end of the line sounds cheerful and happy. Happy agents beget happy customers, who call much less frequently than their irritated counterparts, and have fewer complaints when they do call.

What Makes for Happy Employees?

Ensuring satisfaction for clients should take top priority among customer service agents. This starts by creating a work family of happy, productive employees. Happy employees tend to be those who exercise and otherwise remain active, as working out combats depression and fatigue. Such employees also get the proper amount of sleep (seven to eight hours per night), which decreases negative emotions while increasing productivity. Short commute times are another cornerstone of employee happiness.

Other factors that result in happy employees include taking regular vacations and spending more time with friends and family. Even a few days off with favorite people are enough to refresh an employee mentally and physically.

Cloud Call Center Flexibility

Cloud telephony provides the flexibility the typical Monday through Friday, 9-to-5 work day simply can’t compete with. Typical office situations don’t always allow employees to enjoy the above factors, whereas having a cloud call center makes it possible to increase both agent and customer satisfaction while helping a business grow and thrive.

Providing the possibility for agents to work from home and using them the right way can mean saving thousands of dollars per employee, per year. It’s also an environmentally conscious move, since less commuting equals less harmful emissions. Companies that go for this option can subsequently market themselves as eco-friendly businesses.

FAQs Concerning Cloud Call Center Management

Employers used to keeping close eyes on agents as they talk to various customers might be loathe to make the cloud call center switch at first. Answers to the following frequently asked questions about cloud call center management help alleviate such concerns considerably:

Doesn’t Working From Home Equal Distraction?

Working in a home office or similar space is actually much less distracting than sitting in a building filled with innumerable other employees talking to customers. It does take a certain kind of disciplined individual to work from home, but the quiet, peaceful atmosphere is something most employees embrace.

Will Turnover Be Higher?

Location isn’t an issue with cloud telephony, since it allows employers to maintain a solid list of employees, regardless of where they live.

What About Call Quality? Will It Decrease?

No. It’s possible to record calls using a cloud call center just as employers do in office environments.

How Difficult Is It to Manage a Remote Workforce?

Setting up agents to work from home is an easy business, as there’s no hardware installation required with cloud center technology. Training via webinars is available, and it’s also possible to place some agents “on call” when dealing with unforeseen call increases.

Cloud-based solutions promote improvements in integration, responsiveness, and quality control...a win-win-win.