Wednesday, February 20, 2013
When you’re building a company or an organization, or simply trying to carve out a niche somewhere, it’s very easy to lose sight of the way that your potential clientele actually think.

It’s the same with writing or stand –up comedy; you stare at a joke or a script too long, and it’s impossible to tell whether what you’ve written is funny or not to the average person who’s never heard it before. The best course of action for a comedy writer is to show what he’s done to someone he trusts and gauge their reaction, while the stand-up may perform at an open-mic night and hone his jokes with a random sample audience.

There’s a lot of wisdom in knowing when to step back and try to approach a problem from a different angle. If you’re hung up about how to be more competitive or how to provide the best customer service possible in your business model, an often overlooked solution is to simply ask people; if they’re already your customers they’ll be honest with you, and if they’re not they’ll most likely tell you why.

CallFire can help you do your own independent market research by helping you up a phone tree survey with a simple interface so that you can reach out to your people and get a feel for what they really want out of the businesses they frequent. 

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