Tuesday, February 28, 2012
You worked hard on tightening, brightening, and sharpening your newly-landed client's script for his end-of-quarter lead generation campaign. You put together all the elements of a compelling script. Than you stumbled upon CallFire and discovered that you can increase your lead generation calls two to three fold with our auto dialer software, the Cloud Call Center. Initially, the script, with its clean line breaks, emphasized sections in bold text, and color-coded rebuttals, more-or-less resembled what appears here: With its emphasis on certain keywords and talking points, your client will know exactly how to direct the call. Then, you copy-and-pasted that script to CallFire's website, and something did not look right—your careful formatting vanished: Fast-forward twenty minutes. Your agents are gnawing at their desks. Why? Because CallFire stripped your super-hero rich text formatting and presented you with a harder-to-read version that looked something like this. Not to worry, there’s a way to return your Clark Kent text to super hero status (no phone booths necessary). Presenting word2cleanhtml.com Just copy and paste your pretty little script from Microsoft® Word to Word2CleanHtml's textbox and have the website sprinkle its pixy dust (read: automatically add html tags to your document). Your script should look similar to this: Next, follow the instructions here to modify a script within an existing Cloud Call Center auto dialer campaign. Then, copy and paste the converted text (make sure to use the Original HTML version, otherwise certain formatting will not be preserved) back to CallFire. Now when your agents log-in to make calls with that Cloud Call Center campaign, the script will look as beautiful as it does here: Our Cloud Call Center solution is an easy, quick, and cost effective solution to connect with your contacts. Our support team is ready to help you create well-built autoadialer campaigns. Shoot us an email at sales@callfire.com or call our sales line at 877-897-FIRE to speak to a member of our Customer Obsession Team. They really do wear capes to work.