Thursday, February 16, 2012
Call tracking is increasingly used by small business to measure ROI on advertising pipelines. Its application as a metrics-gathering tool for advertising makes it an ideal marketing solution. The information that can be garnered from call tracking software also makes it an invaluable call center solution.
One reason that call tracking ought to be the focus of call centers is the amount of information it can gather. A call center is not built on a deserted island—the data gathered from the center should support a larger business process. A call center that is armed with call tracking software can gather a lot of information about the customer. Here are some tips to leverage call tracking software to power your call center:

Clicks are Good, Calls are the Prize

Lead conversion data—such as traffic source, keyword searched, web page visits, conversion type and past interactions—can help marketers understand what channels and activities motivate prospects to take action, and also help sales professionals better prioritize and customize sales pitches. Call tracking allows you to analyze pertinent information about your leads beyond mere clicks—you can capture referral sources that are leading to real sales calls. With this data you can focus your marketing resources on those activities proven to generate lead conversions. When a visitor arrives to your website or landing page, source data, such as referring site and keyword query is captured, and you can serve the visitor a unique tracking number. When the number is dialed, the referral source and conversion are logged. Combined with online conversation data, this data can glean some valuable insights:
  • Improve content marketing efforts and website optimization by targeting keywords that are proven to create lead conversions.
  • Enhance PPC campaigns by associating lead conversions with ads, campaigns, ad groups and keyword bids, and then adjusting budgets based on ROI
  • Tailor call to actions and messaging by reviewing what seems to resonate with target audiences.

Sales Conversions

Call tracking allows you to collect valuable information to identify a prospect’s need and customize a sales pitch to show how your product/service can satisfy it. By feeding your CRM relevant data—such as traffic source, last web page visited prior to calling and caller I.D—you can create a comprehensive sales professional can use to engage a prospect and tailor sales pitches. As you can see, there are a multitude of ways a small business can utilize call tracking numbers to empower your sales platform and call center. CallFire’s call tracking platform allows you to increase advertising ROI, by tracking calls to their original placements and connecting callers to auto attendants to route the caller to the correct sales person. Here are some additional resources to learn about call tracking software: