Monday, April 13, 2009 telephony platforms can help your business generate inbound sales calls.  Here's a few different ways our customers are making their sales lines ring, using VoIP. Use Toll Free numbers to reveal ads that drive the most sales calls Say you have 100 different online advertisements but aren’t sure which impressions eventually turn into phone calls.   Use call tracking to purchase 100 phone numbers for each ad-campaign (each number simply forwards to your sales line).  As the calls come in, you can easily visualize which ads are driving the most sales calls. 

These advanced reports can be used to further strengthen your ad-campaign. Use a hosted predictive dialer to free up salespeople’s time Automate the way your agents make outbound calls and save hundreds of hours every month.   By using a hosted predictive dialer and your existing telephone system, your agents can fly through 100’s of calls every hour.  Agents can take lives calls immediately, and if they get an answering machine they can click a button to leave a prerecorded message, allowing them to move on to the next LIVE call. Voice blast your PBX’s missed/abandoned list Call centers occasionally get overloaded and you may have customers who (for whatever reason) hang up while waiting.   Don’t let these leads go to waste.  Export them to create an automated, press-1 voice broadcast.  

Example: "This is an automated callback from ABC Inc. We are sorry nobody was available to take your call.  Please press 1 now, to speak with a sales agent.  He or She will be with you shortly.  Thank you."   This automation ensures that customers get a follow up & further strengthens your customer service offering. Add “Click-To-Call” to your website The idea is simple – add another way for a customer to call you.  By adding a click to call option to your website , users can enter a phone number and in moments they can receive a live call from one of your sales agents.  How does it work?  After your lead submits their phone number in the "click to call" form, your sales agent receives a call that says "Press-1 now to speak to connect to a new lead."   In moments both parties are connected and your sales team does the rest. Create a unique phone experience using Text-To-Speech Your client may appreciate an automated phone call that can read them their: account balance, schedules & timings for events, and even driving directions.  Developers can try using VoiceXML to send phone calls that can create a unique experience for users while reducing the volume of trivial phone inquiries your agents must field. Have you used VoIP in other interesting ways?   Tell us how, using  Your story, and links to your business, could end up on the CallFire blog.   ~DR