Friday, February 29, 2008

Many of our customers are aware of our Phonebook feature. This feature allows you to have one list of phone numbers that can then be reused for future campaigns. There is a default phonebook created for you that houses your DNC numbers, i.e., numbers that should not be called again. As stated earlier, this list is live. In other words, for any of your voice broadcast campaigns if a user presses the DNC option, or for your Call Center Connect (Virtual Call Center) campaigns you create a 'DNC' (case sensitive) disposition, and if your agents choose that option, that number gets added to your DNC phonebook. Now the question arises:

When and how does DNC scrubbing occur?

The answer is only by request. As pointed out by our help page, every time you create a campaign or add numbers to a campaign, you will be given the option to scrub against the the DNC phonebook. Keep in mind that the DNC is a phonebook is a snapshot at any given time. This means a scrub against the DNC at 9:00 AM will not yield the same results as a scrub at 12:00 PM the same day. This may lead you to another question:

I am running multiple campaigns, how can I keep my DNC scrubbing up-to-date?

The answer is again: only by request. Simply select the campaign you want to scrub as shown below:


From the drop down menu on top select "Scrub Campaign" and click go:


The campaign will be scrubbed against all the numbers dialed up until that point.


As the message suggests, please verify the phone numbers before proceeding. One way to do this is to go your call details for that campaign and check for any with the status 'scrubbed'.

I must hasten to point out that this list is your own and in no way or form cross referenced with the Federal DNC. Our clients are responsible for their conformance with federal and local dialing laws. You can read more about dialing laws here.