Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Mobile marketing is no longer “on the rise,” rather it has become an integral part of the marketing process. The real estate industry is one that benefits greatly from mobile marketing. Let’s take a look at what makes mobile one of the best marketing tools for real estate agents: 
Email Newsletters
Real estate flyers, postcards and similar forms of print marketing often end up in the recycling bin or being used for something other than learning about the latest homes for sale. Text “newsletters,” in comparison, are sent directly to customer smartphones for easy reading and staying updated on what’s going on in the industry. They can be short updates on latest trends, rates, and offerings in the area. A form of real estate text messaging, these newsletters offer a great way to “stay in front” of clients.
QR Codes
If still leaning towards postcard mailings, try adding QR Codes that when scanned provide the customer with a mobile microsite dedicated to a specific listing. Don’t forget to mention on the postcard that if clients scan the code, they’ll gain access to more information, a video tour of the home, or other scan-worthy perks. The code could also provide access to a landing page featuring free eBooks when customers sign up for the aforementioned email newsletter.
QR Codes may also be used on For Sale signs that link to a mobile microsite.
Sharable Information
Home buyers often travel in pairs, right? Make it easy for husbands and wives or any other pair to share information about the house they’re interested in with online listings, blog posts featuring contact information, and more. Whatever else, ensure this information is sharable via social networks, such as Facebook.
Credibility and Trustworthiness
Mobile engagement and similar marketing strategies for real estate are also ways to establish agent credibility and trustworthiness. Text and phone marketing are not just options for spreading the word about certain listings, they also provide a personal connection with agents.
Plus, mobile offers far greater accessibility and convenience. Many times home buyers drive by a house more than once to check it out, or review pictures of the listing online over and over. Mobile marketing tactics mean such information can be seen right on their mobile device, and can include information about the neighborhood, including schools, restaurants, parks, attractions and much more. Providing valuable and convenient information is a way to ensure trust and with the right tactics, a sale.
How else can mobile marketing enhance the home buying experience? Can you come up with other real estate agent marketing ideas for mobile devices? Leave a comment and share your thoughts!