Thursday, January 30, 2014

According to recent research, approximately 98% of text messages sent are actually opened. Obviously, this communication channel is not yet perceived as a haven for SPAM and marketing. Accordingly and perhaps ironically, marketers are now taking advantage of this highly personal and effective form of communication. Mass text marketing is gradually becoming one of the foremost strategies employed by mobile marketers. With the intricacies of this fast and concise medium, there are a number of factors to keep in mind when devising an SMS marketing campaign.

Employ a Strong Call-to-Action

One of the most important aspects of an effective mobile marketing campaign is the call-to-action. The CTA tells the consumer exactly what to do in order to take further action based on the marketing message. By design, all marketing campaigns should entice consumers to take some sort of action, whether it be directly purchasing a product or signing up for more information. Let the customer know distinctly what to do, how to do it, and what he or she will receive in return. In other words, why should the customer take an action—what are the benefits—and how easy will it be to act? The cleared the call-to-action, the easier the actual action, and the more beneficial the result…the more effective your mobile marketing campaign will be.

Keep Messages Concise

With only 160 characters available, mass text marketing messages must consolidate large ideas, great offers, and hopefully a long list of benefits and values into a short and effective message. Users don’t have much time these days, especially to read text offers. Entice them quickly and make the offer clear. If you have more than one product or service to promote, do so in separate text messages. And try not to send more than one marketing message a week. The fewer sent and the more valuable, the more powerful your messages will be.

Use a Hook

Grab your customers’ attention with a catchy but authentic line. Make it profound; make it clear; make it short. If you can seize a user’s attention in one line, it will spark interest into reading the rest of your message…and taking it seriously.

Do Away with Text Speak

In personal communication, abbreviations and text speak might fly. But in marketing messages, sent from trusted brands to their loyal customers, treat the messages with more respect. Text as you would speak, with clear, traditional language. This allows for a more personal touch and a more professional connection.

Brand Yourself Right Up Front

Make sure customers know exactly who is texting them. Especially with a large, well-known brand, it is important to announce yourself, so customers can determine whether or not to read on or to discard the message. If they trust your brand and know the message came from you, they’re less likely to simply overlook the offer. Including a direct hyperlink to the company’s web site is also quite important.

Think Long-Term

Mobile marketing strategies should be thought of as long-term initiatives. Aiming for a quick product sale and/or ignoring some of the tips in this article can devastate a marketing list via multiple opt-outs and possible damage the brand’s overall image. Send mass text messages sparingly. Do so only with the intention of adding value to your customer experience. And send messages at reasonable times—not more than once a week and not in the middle of the night. Thinking long-term, with gradual brand development in mind, is the most preferable way to both build your marketing list and generate repeat customers.