Saturday, February 22, 2014

Effective marketing campaigns contain a number of key elements. One of the most important is a clear, concise Call-to-Action (CTA) – but it’s not necessarily obvious how to achieve this. When crafting a CTA, be sure to do the following:
Describe the Incentive
When users opt in to any kind of marketing list, they only want to receive content that’s of interest or value to them. There must be a clear incentive for customers to take action, so make sure your audience knows exactly what you’re offering, why they should want it, and how they can obtain it. Fail to accurately describe the incentive and your CTA will not have the desired effect.
Eliminate User-Error Barriers
So, you’ve created an effective CTA. Now you need to present it in such a way that it’s easy to access. If users are having problems figuring out which short code to use, or if the CTA is displayed in an area with poor cellular service, all your efforts will be wasted. Eliminate obstacles to access and you will make the user experience pain free.
Optimize for Mobile Users
A CTA used for mobile or SMS marketing campaigns should not look the same as a CTA used in more traditional mediums. If you want it to work, you must optimize your mobile CTA for smartphones and tablets. Optimized sites should have a simple design, with large, easy-to-click buttons and obvious information fields. If the user follows the CTA to a website but can’t navigate through the site or enter the necessary information in order to take action, the consumer will probably leave the site, never to return. Don’t kill your brand’s chances of success by failing to optimize your campaign for mobile platforms.
Be Logical
Just because a mobile user is engaging with your brand through their phone, it doesn’t mean they will always engage that way. What works for a consumer during the day, may not work for them at night, so it’s imperative to see the bigger picture. Gather relevant data through your CTA in order to promote your brand across all marketing channels. Ask for as much demographic material as you can: age, gender, interests, location etc. That way, you can serve those consumers far better in future.
Present a Distinct Personality
Even though your CTA varies across different channels, it has to maintain a consistent personality and message if you want to build brand awareness. The more avenues you use to reach consumers, and the more consistent your CTA is with your overall brand image, the more effective your strategy will be.