Thursday, May 18, 2017

Text messaging is ideally suited to group communication. Fast, affordable, and accessible by most people, SMS allows you to interact with large and small audience sizes in an easy and direct way. Whether it’s promoting events, informing your group of last-minute schedule changes, or providing emergency contact, text messaging can help every community group become better connected.

Why Do Grassroots Groups Love SMS?

There are a few reasons why bulk text messaging is so well-suited to community group communication. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll reel 'em off...


Text messaging is by far the most accessible form of electronic communication. 91% of US adults own mobile phones that are capable of sending and receiving text messages. You don’t need a fancy smartphone to access SMS, so a larger proportion of your group will be contactable via SMS than any other electronic medium.


Many community groups have to work within the constraints of a tiny budget, and the low cost of SMS makes it an affordable way for groups to alert their members en masse.

Coverage anywhere​

For community groups in rural areas where internet connectivity, as well as phone reception, can be patchy, text messaging provides a reliable way for members to stay in touch. No internet connection is needed, and even in areas where coverage is too weak or spotty for a phone call, an SMS will always come through as soon as coverage is available. For this reason it’s often the go-to method of contact between group members in rural areas, or in emergency situations where regular phone or internet coverage is not available.


Limited to 160 character, text messages are quick to send and receive. Delivered in seconds, SMS is the ideal contact method for communicating last-minute information. From cancelling or rescheduling a class at short notice to sending a last-minute event reminder to try and boost attendance, you’re more likely to reach your community group members at the eleventh hour via text. While email accounts and social media may only be checked periodically, people tend to carry their phones with them at all times, so you can feel more assured that they’ll see your communication when you need them to.


Texts feel personal, and depending on your messaging service you can personalise your messages to group members too, even when texting large audiences. The messages you send are also easy for for your group members to keep on their phones for future reference, and easily accessible any time they want to reply. 

Two-Way Communication​

Texting makes it cheap, easy and convenient for your group members to get back in touch with you too, and means that you receive more speedy replies when you need their input.

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