Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SMS marketing is one of the most versatile and accessible marketing tools available to businesses. A relatively low cost marketing option, text messages also land right in your customer’s pocket, increasing awareness of your company and providing info that’s easily shared. If you're looking for a better way to engage with customers, here are some of the ways SMS marketing for auto repair businesses can boost your performance...






Looking for a better way to engage with customers? Here are some of the ways SMS marketing for auto repair businesses can boost your performance.


Helpful maintenance reminders


It’s important for auto repair businesses to build trust with customers. Being helpful is one of the simplest ways to earn that trust. Every car owner knows there are regular maintenance checks that they need to keep up to keep their motors in shape. But with busy lifestyles getting in the way, it’s easy for auto repair essentials to slip down the to-do list.


  • Send a text to your customers when their next maintenance check is due
  • Add a way for them to schedule it right from the text they’ve received
  • Making things easier for the customer means increased business and better retention rates


Increase efficiency with appointment reminders


When a client misses an appointment it means wasted time and money for you. Send an appointment reminder via text and your customers can get straight back to you confirm or to let you know of any problems making their allocated slot. This cuts down on the number of no-shows and helps your team manage its time better.


Keep your customers in the loop


Anyone who’s got their car in for repair appreciates being kept up to date with its progress. Texting is quicker than a phone call, more likely read than an email, and a personal way for you to communicate with your customers. Especially with bigger repair jobs, your clients will really appreciate to-the-point text updates to let them know when parts have arrived, where progress is at, and when the repair is complete.


Promos and specials


Another way to make your customers feel appreciated and build customer loyalty is to let them know about exclusive promos and deals you have to offer. Your text message marketing subscribers are the perfect audience for special offers, since they’ve already shown interest in your business.


  • Keep them up to date with what you have to offer them
  • Don’t overdo it – too many offers that they feel don’t apply to them and they could switch off
  • It’s a great way of keeping customers conscious of your business and motivating them to take advantage of the deals on offer 


Instant customer feedback


Mobile marketing also allows customers to get in touch with you. An open dialogue builds trust and customer appreciation.


  • Provide a service where they can text you with their enquiries
  • Ask customers for feedback on products they’ve purchased or repairs they’ve had carried out
  • Show that you value you opinion and want to know how you can improve by sending them a survey link via SMS or conducting a dedicated texting poll


Low cost, high impact


90% of American adults own an SMS-enabled phone, and more than 95% of texts are read by their user. That makes SMS more effective than email marketing and traditional direct mail marketing. It means your appointment reminders, maintenance reminders and promo deals are far more likely to be read when you switch to SMS marketing for auto repair. And you’ll save on traditional paper mailer and postage costs too.

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