Thursday, February 27, 2014

With the new year in full swing, you’ve probably already strategized your marketing plan for the coming year. But have you developed a separate program for mobile platforms? If not, it’s time to make your brand more visible to the rapidly expanding smartphone market. Bear in mind some of the following tips when developing your text marketing strategy…

Optimize for Mobile
If you want mobile users to become friendly with your website, your website must first be friendly to them. The majority of desktop sites are far too big and clunky to allow for easy viewing on a small screen. Visitors have to constantly shrink and expand the content, which slows the whole process down. Users simply don’t have the patience to deal with that – especially if one of your competitors has optimized their site for mobile. Keep the content limited, the buttons big and the purchase or engagement process simple. If a visitor doesn’t get what to do within 30 seconds of landing, they’ll look elsewhere.

Increase Mobile Advertising Spend
The mobile economy now reaches nine out of ten American adults, so you can see why missing out on the action could have devastating consequences for your business. In other words: don’t cut costs on mobile. It’s a false economy. Instead, figure out which mobile advertising channels need some attention. To achieve this, you need to track the avenues through which you are getting most traffic or conversions, and increase your spending on those channels. Banner ads proving successful for driving CTRs? Bulk up your spending in that area. Sponsored content not bringing much interest? Think about dropping it altogether.

SMS to Online Sales
Bulk texting remains a fantastic way of encouraging online engagement, especially from users with smartphones. Point opted in customers to a mobile-optimized website via a texted hyperklink, and the chances are they’ll click it and take a look around. It takes them seconds. And remember, 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, so you can start tracking the efficacy of your campaign almost immediately. If the campaign is converting at a good enough rate, you can develop it further.
There’s no time like the present to start creating and implementing your mobile-specific marketing campaign. The post-new year commercial lull is over, and business is booming once again. Reach out to your customer base, weed out new business, and do it using the most intimate, effective process available. That’s mobile, kids!