Thursday, May 18, 2017

As app use increases, businesses are understandably keen to make the most of in-app advertising. But as Facebook’s found out with its recent experiments in advertising through Messenger, mobile users dislike it.

While consumers are used to seeing advertising on billboards, their TVs and in magazines, these advertising spaces seem external. In contrast, smartphones feel inherently personal, and so advertising via mobile feels more invasive than other forms of outreach. Adblockers for mobile phones are swiftly on the rise, which is persuading marketers to look for alternative means of mobile advertising.

If companies want to continue to reach mobile consumers effectively, they have to change tack and look for methods of making their mobile content feel welcome. This means creating the kind of content that mobile users will genuinely value.


What Consumers Want​

In recent analysis carried out by Buzzsumo into the features that cause content to go viral, the top characteristics were:

  • Usefulness of content - such as FAQs, top tips and how-to content
  • Interactivity of content - like quizzes, surveys and polls

Customers want to receive mobile content that’s engaging and useful, which is why marketers are beginning to rethink their mobile campaigns, repositioning their marketing content as customer service rather than blatantly promotional ads.

Want to join them? Here’s how:


Provide a Resource

With 75% of purchasers preferring to use a website as a reference rather than interacting with a salesperson, mobile and mobile websites are perfectly placed to meet this need. SMS marketing can be used to provide keyword-driven automated responses to common customer queries, and MMS used to affordably send video and audio tutorials. Although limited to 160 characters, texts can also include handy links to relevant web pages or online guides that will give the customer the info they want swiftly and easily.


Provide Service​

Forget self-promotion. Savvy mobile customers don’t want to see blatant ads, it’s why they’ve installed an adblocker. Rethink your marketing materials so the content you send does nothing besides provide your subscribers with a useful service. From free tools and simple appointment reminders to apps like Saks Fifth Avenue’s StyleCaster, these features don’t promote your brand directly. But they’re tools that your users will appreciate and use time and again, keeping your brand top-of-mind, and boosting customer satisfaction with your brand. 


Provide Relevance

Today’s sophisticated SMS marketing services allow marketers to create personalized and topical mobile content for individual users. Current events, weather, location - all this info can be factored into automated messages and offers. For example, when a user walks into your store, they can automatically receive a coupon for use in store that day. Relevant offers like this, which can be further tailored using a customer’s past purchase history, will be more appreciated than blanket offers that the recipient might not be interested in.

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