Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thanks to online reviews and social media, customers have a louder voice than ever before. That’s why today, more than ever, it’s so important to provide impeccable customer service. SMS marketing is a handy tool that you can use to help deliver the kind of customer service that earns rave reviews.


SMS marketing is an increasingly popular method of direct marketing, helping businesses spread the word about their latest sales, offers and discounts. But it’s also just as valuable a tool for listening to your customers, learning from the feedback they have to offer you. Here at CallFire, we've broken down the key elements to devising a customer-focused SMS marketing strategy...


Getting the Balance Right

You want your SMS marketing to be genuinely helpful for your customers, not an annoying gimmick. No one wants to be bombarded with texts every day, and by overdoing it you’ll only turn people off and they’ll soon start ignoring your messages. It’s really important that you let your customers and wider audience know about your group texting program and get their permission before sending them any texts. Add opt-in details to receipts, in-store displays, online and across your marketing channels. Let them know about all of the benefits of signing up, and commit to seeing your list of subscribers grow.


Making Customers Feel Special

SMS is one of the most personal marketing tools out there. Your communications are delivered straight into your customers’ pockets, allowing you to build up a friendly bond with them over time. Make sure you personalize your texts by including the customer’s name. Where possible, send individualized texts in response to queries, and only send them offers that you know they’ll appreciate. You can create groups within your subscriber list for different demographics, or people who buy the same kind of product, making it easier to target your SMS offers.


Streamline Your Systems

Customers want their purchase and overall service to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Mobile technology has connected all of our forms of communication, with email, social media, SMS, blogs and websites all easily accessible from smartphones. Customers expect a joined-up service now, so ensure that you integrate your customer transaction data from across your in-store, online and mobile channels, so no matter how a customer chooses to get in touch with you, their data is updated across the board.


Gather Feedback


Many consumers prefer conducting customer service surveys and transactions via text than on a call. SMS is a simple way to send a quick survey or poll to your subscriber list, or to customers who’ve made a purchase. They can then text back with ease and rate your products, services, making their voices feel heard and giving you valuable feedback to learn from.

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