Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Marketing professionals have long understood the importance of tracking website visitors, but smart phones have changed how consumers search the web. Mobile search is driving billions of monthly U.S. sales calls, converting to revenue at an astounding ten times higher than regular web searches. This is why call tracking for mobile ads is absolutely essential.

Tracking Mobile Ad Efficacy and Making Improvements

Unfortunately, it is impossible for businesses to know how to optimize their mobile ad placement campaign for maximum ROI if they cannot track phone calls back to their sources. Call tracking software makes an enormous difference in such marketing campaigns, allowing companies to pinpoint which search keywords, content, and ads are generating calls that lead to increased revenue. Knowing which ads yield results and which do not enables marketing teams to make improvements where needed.

Unique, Trackable Call Numbers Show Which Campaigns are Working

Thanks to mobile ad call tracking, each of a company's mobile marketing sites can now dynamically display a unique, trackable telephone number. Therefore, lead calls are easily traced back to their mobile sources, so advertisers know which SEO keywords and paid mobile ads are working. As a result of A/B tests that include call tracking data, businesses know which ad concepts, landing page versions, and messaging are most effective; they can therefore concentrate spending where it truly pays off.

Use Analytics to Generate Helpful Reports Instantly

To understand exactly how mobile tracking works, one may imagine local plumbers advertising their services through a variety of mobile SEO keywords and mobile ads. What differentiates effective mobile marketing from less effective marketing is simple: the plumbing service that includes unique, trackable telephone numbers in each ad is able to trace each campaign's efficacy. They can stop spending advertising dollars in locations that don’t generate calls, and spend more in locations that do.

Calls generated by each of the plumbing service's ads are all directed to the same place. However, after just a few weeks, the business that uses trackable numbers will see where to reallocate its marketing budget to concentrate on the ad campaigns drawing in the most business. Mobile ad tracking even allows the company to have reports sent directly to its marketing team's email inboxes. These reports show which mobile ads consumers were browsing before they called. Such reports provide a holistic view of ad performance and are easily linked to Google analytics.

Mobile Ad Call Tracking Increases ROI

Running mobile ads that simply link to a phone number may have seemed like sophisticated marketing in the past. However, without the ability to track which ad compels consumers to actually place a phone call, businesses might be wasting money on ads that are doing nothing for the bottom line. Call tracking technology, on the other hand, allows companies to employ as many unique local and toll free numbers as necessary, tracking the efficacy of each campaign and then concentrating their marketing dollars precisely where it makes the most sense. Plus, these virtual local, international, and toll free telephone numbers help companies maintain a local presence or even establish a global one.

Mobile ad tracking is invaluable, allowing businesses to know exactly what’s working and where they reach consumers. What has been your experience with call tracking?