Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The right real estate marketing strategies often make the difference between a sale and a lost lead. If looking to “step up” your marketing game and ensure leads turn to sales, check out nine real estate marketing ideas for new homes:

1) Website

A website is essential in today’s marketing world, as some 92% of home buyers begin the search online. If knowledgeable about SEO, it shouldn’t be too challenging to get your home page noticed by Google and other search engines. If not, find a quality SEO company to assist you in achieving the search engine ranking, traffic and conversions you need.

2) Social Media

Facebook in particular is a powerful tool when it comes to real estate marketing. The trick is to “go personal” with clients so it doesn’t look like you’re only interested in sales. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let them know about open houses, neighborhood attractions, and school information. It means you should feel free to comment on their statuses and share non-real estate-related information. This will help clients feel as though you’re truly invested.

3) Text Messaging

As with social media, real estate text messaging is a great way to stay in the minds of leads and clients. Use text messaging to remind your contacts about appointments, send open house alerts, promotions, and any other relevant notifications.

4) Door Flyers

This may sound “old school,” but door flyers are still a viable option. Consider paying an intern to go door-to-door leaving flyers, and make sure he or she can answer questions should residents want to know more.

5) Keychain Tags

You know those thin plastic tags people use for grocery and retail store discounts? Make your own with all necessary contact information, including your phone number, email and website. Hand them out at open houses and similar events so leads have an easy way to contact you about new homes for sale.

6) Agency Mascot

Whether you want to do this or have said intern don a fuzzy mascot costume is up to you, but it sure can help. Throw an agency t-shirt over the costume and walk around at community events handing out keychain tags and other freebies. Be sure to get a video and post it on your website and social media accounts.

7) Email Newsletters

Encourage clients to sign up for email newsletters and receive exclusive information about homes for sale in their chosen areas, tips, event notifications, promotions, and much more.

8) Open Houses

We’ve already discussed open houses, but hosting one or more yourself is a great way to meet leads face-to-face, answer all of their questions, provide them with donuts and coffee, and let them know what makes the house/neighborhood so special.

9) Voice Broadcast

Send alerts, promotional information, and event information to as many clients on your contact list as you want using real estate voice broadcast. It’s an easy, cost-effective method of reaching a high number of people in a short amount of time!

What are your favorite real estate marketing tips and tricks?