Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thanks to the marketing mavens at Situation, MEAN GIRLS had a memorable engagement at BroadwayCon this year. To raise awareness for the fetch new musical, Situation used CallFire to power a clever phone marketing campaign.

Where Do You Belong? - Put Your Promos Front and Center

Using CallFire, Situation purchased a phone number and set up an Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) campaign that shared a message from Gretchen, one of “The Plastics” in the musical. To encourage fans to call-in, Situation designed special decals for the conference center bathroom mirrors – transforming them into a high school bathrooms right out of the show.

Not Just for Cool Moms – Keeping Your Message Fresh

The Situation team made sure to update the phone messages throughout the conference to give fans an extra reason to keep engaging. They also text-enabled the phone number so that convention-goers could engage via SMS.

Grab a Kälteen Bar and Get Online – The Promos Go Viral

In addition to encouraging engagement, Situation’s promos caught on with attendees who shared photos of the promos on social media. Imagine that – marketing so good it became the story itself!

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More About Situation

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