Wednesday, March 28, 2018

CallFire customers have amazing ways of making our voice communication tools work for them. For small-to-medium businesses and non-profits, CallFire helps companies reach out and service customers with the same efficiency as a larger company. But have you thought about adding SMS texting to the mix?

Advantages of Texting

When you want to make sure your message gets received, nothing beats text messaging. With an average open rate of 98% texting is the most reliable way to get in front of your customer’s eyes. Texting can be especially helpful if you’re trying to reach Millennials, the majority of whom prefer to text than to talk.

What SMS Texting Does Best

If you have a short (160 characters or less) message that needs to be read fast, texting is the best way to send it. Texting can help in other cases you may not have thought about:

  1. Group Notifications – Whether you have a promotion, update, special offer, or event, sending a text is a great way to let people know.
  2. Delivery Confirmations – Let customers know their deliveries have arrived.
  3. HR Notifications – Make sure employees know that’s it’s time to submit their hours or that jobseeker’s resume has been received.

How it Texting Can Integrate with CallFire Voice Products

While SMS can be an effective stand-alone approach, it also makes a great complement to your existing marketing, customer service, and operations strategy:

  1. If you use an IVR to route and receive calls, consider giving callers the option to receive extra information via text message.
  2. If you use Voice Broadcast to send alerts, consider sending text messages – especially for shorter messages and emergency notifications.
  3. If you use Call Tracking, consider adding text functionality to your phone number in order to capture prospects who prefer to text.

Send Your First Text Today

Interested in texting but not sure where to start? Our Client Success Managers are experts at helping organizations build simple strategies to integrate voice and text marketing. Call today at (877) 897-3473 to get started -- or log in to your account to send your first text!