Monday, February 12, 2018

Technology has given us a wealth of tools to use when engaging prospects and customers, but which is best? And which should be used most often?

The answer is that you should integrate your marketing strategy; don’t think of outreach a process of using “either this solution or that one,” but rather one where all your tools are used in conjunction with each other.

Check out CallFire’s product suite and discover how you can leverage it to better grow your business!

Voice Broadcasting

Record and send a voice message to tens of thousands of contacts in just a few seconds! Voice broadcasting enables you to add a more personalized touch to your outreach efforts, while texting is good for sending the basics. Emails have value, but keep in mind they only have a 20% open rate (and that’s if they even get past spam filters). Between texting and voice broadcasting, consider using one to build up anticipation for the other!

Voice Broadcasting comes with numerous additional features, such as pressing different phone keypad buttons to be transferred or the option to set up Recurring Broadcasts for messages that need to be sent out more than once and at scheduled intervals.

As an added bonus, you can schedule broadcasts to go out right away or select a date and time in the future. This is beneficial feature for time-strapped business owners or administrators who want to record the perfect message while it’s in their head, rather than wait two weeks until they want to send it and hope they remember it.

Interactive Voice Response

This tool allows you to set up an interactive phone tree that elevates your contacts to becoming part of your company’s journey, not merely the recipient of messages. Using their phone’s touch pad, you can auto-dial outbound calls asking them to “Press 1 to hear about current promos, Press 2 to tell us how we can better serve you, etc.” IVR requires your contacts to participate in your messages, so use it strategically with CallFire’s other tools when creating and sending out critical info. The best part about IVR? It can be set up for both inbound and outbound calls! This tool is especially beneficial for customer satisfaction surveys.

Call Tracking

What good are all of these outreach tools if you don’t know what’s working or what resonates with your customers? Call Tracking features enable you to chart the length of calls, identify the phone lines that contacts use most, integrate with Google Analytics, and more. Knowing what is effective will help you track your spend, enabling you to maximize the power of your marketing resources.

Text Messaging

CallFire also offers a basic SMS text feature which can be used in any of the following ways, or more, depending on how creative you are:

  1. Sending out dates and times for special events
  2. Providing links to special promos
  3. Teasing a future message

Let’s look at that last one. Since an integrated marketing strategy can be very effective, consider sending out a text message that hypes up a future message. A text such as: “The summer heat is right around the corner - stay tuned for a voice message inviting you to cool down with in-store savings!” You’re using one outreach tool to promote another, all while building anticipation for a customer event that can increase profits.

Integrated marketing is the smart way to go for businesses, no matter the size. No matter how you reach out to your customers, you’ll need your tools to work in conjunction with each other, rather than treat them as individual products.

Wondering how you can build an integrated marketing plan? Call our Client Success Managers today at (877) 897-3473 to get the answers you’ll need to build a powerhouse marketing strategy!