Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Businesses typically invest a lot of time and effort into external profit-building initiatives such as marketing promotions and outreach, mainly because they are directly tied to creating revenue. While these ventures are valuable and essential to growth, focusing on internal company activities is just as vital to a company’s overall success. And one of these internal factors that contributes to growth is effective employee communication.

Effective internal communication is not just essential to growth; its absence could cost your business revenue. According to a Holmes report, the total estimated cost of employee misunderstandings and misinformation for 100,000-employee companies is $37 billion a year—or $62.4 million per company.

Below are six ways you can improve employee communication and build a tighter team of motivated and passionate employees.  

1. Online productivity tools

Online project management tools like Trello and Asana can foster a more collaborative and organized communication environment. They allow your team to organize projects so each member can follow along and know exactly what they are responsible for. These tools also cut down on time spent on extraneous unnecessary tasks and improve efficiency in communication around projects. 

2. Transparency

If your employees feel they are an integral component of your company plans, they will be more open to communicate and share. Encourage employees to share their ideas on ways you can improve, and keep them updated on key company decisions. Hold yearly retreats at the beginning of the year and allow team members to share their thoughts openly and ask questions without feeling they will be judged for doing so. 

3. Survey your employees

Understanding your employees fosters improved communication. To discover what your employees need and desire, run internal surveys using an affordable, time-saving tool like voice broadcasting. Voice broadcasting is a voice dialer that can send your survey to all of your employees simultaneously in a matter of minutes. With voice broadcast, your employees can interact with a voice response or a key press on their phones, creating a seamless experience.

4. Company updates

Keep your employees updated on all new company initiatives, successes and news. When you communicate your successes, include your employees in the victories and position them as company-wide wins so they feel connected to your company's success. Use voice broadcast to facilitate these mass communication updates as well. 

5. Enhanced company communication

Though companies typically use emails for correspondence, there are other more effective tools that boast high message open rates and engagement. One such tool is SMS messaging. Companies use SMS messaging as part of their marketing campaigns because of the high open rates, but this open style of communication is also effective for internal employee communication. Send text messages for company updates, emergency alerts, inspirational and motivational content, new employee introductions and notable employee mentions. 

6. Events

To encourage camaraderie and engagement among employees, hold events outside of the office to gather employees together in a more informal setting. Out-of-the-office events facilitate increased communication because team members can meet each other for the first time and also discuss more personal topics and build stronger connections. This increased connection will enhance professional relationships inside the office. 

If you would like to take advantage of a voice dialer like voice broadcast to improve your employee communication, sign up for free here. CallFire offers multiple mass communication solutions for companies that want to foster an environment of engaged, motivated employees who are focused on their company’s success.

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