Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Coordinating drivers’ delivery schedules, managing vendors and third parties, and ensuring packages adhere to regulations might feel like you’re herding cats, but in reality, balancing it all can be really easy.


See how CallFire’s phone solutions application provides users with smarter, more cost-efficient ways to help packages arrive on-time and surpass customers’ expectations:


Voice Broadcast


This tool enables you to record a voice message and send it to drivers, vendors, and customers, all within seconds. You can schedule your broadcast for immediate delivery or select a future date. A typical voice broadcast might be: “Attention all drivers: heavy rain reported on mountain roads, for the safety of you and your packages, please use the highway instead.” Whatever message you need to send out, Voice Broadcasting lets you give it a more personalized, engaging touch.


Interactive Voice Response


IVR helps you helps you make your Voice Broadcasts more engaging by adding a layer of interactivity to them. When you set up your calls, you can include keypad touch options such as: “To learn more about Total Trucking’s services, Press 1. To apply for a position, Press 2.” Contacts, especially vendors and third parties, will feel more involved in the process if they have some level of control over their engagement.


Text Messaging


Yes, you read that right. An old fashioned text message, similar to the ones you probably send in your personal life, can also be used for business. If you need to send a quick message to a group of drivers or partners, then a text is the way to go. Like other tools from CallFire, you can choose when you’d like your message to be delivered. You can also use text messages to send out polls and surveys to gain additional insight into what your contacts value most. Using keywords in your texts help you increase the number of customers and vendors in your network.


Call Tracking


What good is having all these tools if you don’t know whether they’re driving ROI or helping your team run better? Call Tracking lets you run the numbers on business lines you’ve purchased from CallFire; see how long each call lasts, track what numbers are used most and where, and discover which lines have the most impact on your bottom line.

A couple questions remain: Can phone lines be used in conjunction with texting? How can multiple business lines be tracked to drive growth? Do these tools integrate with each other to deliver a more comprehensive analysis of our operation?


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