Monday, January 22, 2018

Loyal customers can be a goldmine for your business. And the more loyal they feel to your brand, the greater chance they will become brand ambassadors, sharing your brand with others—without costing you a dime in customer acquisition. 

If you want to create a band of loyal customers who spend more money on your products and act as another promotional arm for your company, read on.

1. Get personal

As the world has become more behind-the-computer-screen tech-savvy, the desire for human interaction has increased. Since people spend a lot of time caught up in the digital world, they are unable to fully experience enriching real-life interactions. As a result, they crave real conversations, especially with the brands they love and buy from. 

To improve customer loyalty, create more meaningful interactions with your customers by:

  • Enhancing your customer service communication and striving to know your customers more personally.
  • Researching your target to understand their deep desire and pain points. Use this data to improve your online and offline communication and content so it speaks directly to them and creates a connection.
  • Use voice communication tools like voice broadcast, which utilizes a voice message and imparts a human touch to your marketing.

2. Customer experience

US enterprises can lose an estimated $83 billion yearly due to abandoned purchases as a direct result of poor customer experiences. And two-thirds of consumers cite customer service as a reason they ended a relationship with a company.  

Don’t be a victim of these statistics. From the very first visit with a customer, create an exceptional experience. How? One way is to always give customers more than what they expect. Go above and beyond and give more than just the bare minimum to satisfy them. 

Another way to improve the customer experience is to anticipate what your customers would want—even before they know themselves. Anticipating your customers’ needs requires constant listening and interacting with them. Every interaction with your customer should be a new learning experience that connects you closer to your target and understanding their deep desires. 

3. Regular communication

Your customers want to feel like you know who they are and you value their loyalty, and expressing gratitude to them for choosing your business will endear them to your business more. One of the ways to contribute to this connection is to keep your customers updated on your company and its activity. Stay in touch with them and communicate with them regularly.

Here are some ideas:

  • On holidays, send personal greetings and well wishes.
  • On their birthdays, send an email with a special discount code.
  • If you are celebrating any company milestones, let your customers know so they can feel connected to the success of your brand. 

Interacting regularly with your customers will help you connect with your them and keep your brand top of mind.

A cost-effective, highly effective mass communication tool to facilitate this level of engagement is text marketing. Use text marketing to send these updates via text messages. Text messages have a high open rate, and since your customers likely take their phones with them wherever they go, they will be immediately available to receive your texts. Text marketing is also an efficient communication system as it can send messages to hundreds and thousands of customers simultaneously and within minutes.

4. Share relevant content and offers

Offer special discounts and promotions your customers will value. For example, if you have a customer segment that includes new mothers, offer periodic discounts on diapers and baby products. Personalize your messages and content to them as well so they feel unique and special. 

Interested in creating a mass of loyal customers? Text marketing can be a vehicle to get you started. If you would like more information on CallFire’s industry-leading texting services, sign up for free here.