Thursday, January 18, 2018

How many times have you asked your customers to call an 800 number to learn more or get in on the deal of a lifetime, just to wonder if this is really this best strategy for engagement?


As it turns out, CallFire thinks your existing business line is pretty powerful, and our platform has some built-in features that can show you the tangible impact it can have on growth:


Call Tracking


Call tracking allows you to chart inbound calls, record them for customer service, and even track how long they last. If you have more than one number that you advertise to the public, CallFire’s tracking tools can help you identify which numbers are most effective for driving sales and creating new customers. Whatever business metric you wish to improve, if it’s related to a call, then our tracking tools can help you find success.


For example, assign one number to a billboard, another one to social media, and one to a radio ad, etc. Call Tracking can be configured so multiple numbers will ring to your main number; CallFire’s platform will organize these inbound calls so you can more easily see which phone number (and the messaging that went with it) resonates most with customers and drives sales.


Text Enabling


Customers use your phone numbers to call you, but you can also enable those same lines to be used for texting. Text enabling works right out-of-the-box for numbers you buy from CallFire, but we can also text-enable existing toll-free or local numbers assigned to your business. This way, CallFire is a one-stop shop to manage all your calls and bulk texts!


Our platform includes a dashboard that can separate texts from phone calls so you can see how customers like to engage with each line. Further, you can enable instant emails to alert you of inbound calls or texts so you can analyze them on-the-go or respond to customer inquiries. Text enabling allows you to use any phone number in your possession for everything from advertisements to customer service. Our convenient keyword processes makes it easy to configure words like HOURS or LOCATION, enabling a new level of engagement previously needed on a voice tree or IVR.


Voice Tree IVRs


Speaking of IVRs, did you know CallFire has a team of dedicated IVR specialists who can build your phone tree? Whether it be a simple voicemail or a complex response system for inbound calls, we have you covered!


These tools can make a tremendous impact on business growth and automation. Having multiple lines - or a single powerful line - all enabled with easy-to-use tools, can help you unlock customer data, such as where they are and how they prefer to engage with you.


Learn more! CallFire’s Client Success Managers want to answer your questions and help your business grow, so call them today at (877) 897-3473!