Monday, January 15, 2018

While email has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of its marketing effectiveness, the telephone (and cell phone) is still the preferred, go-to device for many consumers.


For marketers, cell phones represent a way to blast out personalized voice messages to tens of thousands of consumers at once. CallFire’s platform enables you to use phone and texting solutions to engage your fans.


But how can you reach out to your contacts while remaining compliant (click here to read the rules for texting, and here for phone use), rather than being labeled a spammer? Check out these best practices!


Make Sure Everyone is Opted-in


Before you can market to customers, they first need to have provided you with their written or electronic permission to do so. This holds true with every marketing channel you could use.


So how can you get opt-ins? If your customers have already provided you with an email address (for example) to use for marketing, you can email them regarding the benefits of marketing via phone, and provide them with instructions on how they can opt-in to this channel.


Offer Clear End-of-Call Options


Once your message has finished, don’t think the call is over! With every call, you’ll need to provide end-of-call options, such as what they can do to learn more or how they can opt-out of future messages. You may also want to provide info on how often they might hear from you.


CallFire’s easy-to-use platform offers “Press 1” functionality, meaning you can instruct recipients to press buttons on their phone’s keypad in order take certain actions. You may have personal experience with “Press 1 to opt out of future messaging.”


Only Deliver Relevant Messaging


If you’re a clothing store, only reach out regarding sales, promos, in-store events, etc. If you’re a nonprofit, make sure your messages raise awareness and provide details on how contacts can help. One thing you don’t want to do? Blast out voice messages about your new car. Keep all messages relevant, or you’ll find yourself losing contacts, or worse, on the wrong end of legal action.


These best practices are just the start. We’ll even have more coming later this month as part of our celebration of compliance!


To learn the full list and see how you can implement them into your marketing, call our Client Success Managers at (877) 897-3472!