Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Do you know which of your advertising channels are generating the highest response? Do you know which ads are producing the greatest return on your investment? 

If you don’t know the exact numbers and you are unclear on your high and low ad performers, you are likely wasting money instead of generating a positive return.

The importance of ad tracking

Running ads without tracking is inefficient because you will not know which ads are generating the most leads. The more knowledge you gain from your campaigns, the better you can allocate your ad budget and invest money into the campaigns that are bringing you the highest return on investment.  

Here is an example:

Let’s say you advertise in four different locations, on benches, store windows, billboards and on your website. What if your billboard ads are bringing in four times as many leads as your bench ads, and your store window ads are not resulting in any new leads? If you are unaware of these facts, you will continue to waste money on your store window ads instead of reinvesting it back into your billboard ads and growing your revenue. 

Knowing your ad performance is critical to assessing ROI and growing your business. And one easy, cost-effective way to do this is to use call tracking software.

What is call tracking?

Call tracking is a call monitoring system that tracks activity per phone number. With call tracking, you purchase local toll-free numbers from a database and list a different phone number on each ad. When prospects call after seeing your ads, you can track how many calls each number receives. This will tell you how each ad performs. If you run multiple ads in several categories, designate one number per ad category. For example, isolate one number for billboard ads, one for internet ads, one for radio ads and so on.

Other call tracking software benefits

Call tracking software helps you segment your ads and track the effectiveness of each, but it also offers other features to help you optimize your ad campaigns.  

With CallFire’s call tracking software, you can:

  • Check the duration of incoming calls
  • Keep record of customer conversations
  • Monitor and record calls 
  • Determine which calls are generating the most leads
  • Set up voicemail for incoming calls
  • Set individual campaign office hours
  • Include Google Analytics tracking
  • Set up auto-replies triggered by texting specific words or numbers

Many businesses are using call tracking to tighten up their marketing and get more informed. The Pawplex in Suwanee, Georgia is one such business. Specializing in doggy daycare, the company needed a way to track the effectiveness of its ads and website traffic without spending a lot of resources. Pawplex purchased six numbers and assigned one each to the website, email blasts, brochures and mailers. With the introduction of CallFire’s call tracking software, the company has discovered that its website generates the majority of the calls, and it was also able to determine which of the ad campaigns spiked their website calls.

If you want to join the ranks of businesses that optimize their ad campaigns and increase ROI with call tracking, sign up for a free account here. With CallFire’s call management solutions, get results for your ad campaigns and re-allocate funds to increase your return on investment.

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