Friday, September 29, 2017

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. And as a small business owner, you can’t afford to treat this gift-crazed holiday as just another shopping day. To maximize your Black Friday earnings potential, implement some sales-boosting strategies to get more people into your store.  

Here are some powerful strategies to help you get more foot traffic to your store on Black Friday and during the upcoming holiday season. 

Send targeted emails

Send not one, but several emails to your subscribers as Black Friday approaches. Your subscribers will be inundated with promotional emails from your competitors, so increase the number of emails to help your messages stand out. Mention the discount in the subject line to catch attention, and also add your store location on a clickable map diagram inside the email, so shoppers can easily get directions to your store. 

Work with local influencers

Work with local community influencers or brand ambassadors who can help you stir up awareness for your Black Friday promotions. Influencers are people who build authentic, loyal communities of followers who follower their recommendations. Choose local influencers, and create a referral-type program where the influencers get rewarded for sending people to you. Alternatively, reward influencers with money or free product in return for publishing content about your brand or products.   

Offer a free gift

Give away an item for free with a purchase. A clever strategy is to give customers a discount proportionate to the dollar amount of their initial purchase. For example, if customers spend $50 in your store, give them a $50 discount on their next purchase of $200 or more. This strategy encourages return purchases, and it's valuable because consumers are already in gift-giving mode, so they will be interested in purchasing multiple items.

Add an expiration

Even though consumers assume that Black Friday deals are only reserved for Black Friday, remind them of the sale expiration to increase urgency. Does the sale end at 11:59 pm Friday? Is it extended to Saturday? Add a time expiration to remind consumers how much longer they have and urge them to act quickly or miss out. Add your sales expiration to whatever media you use to communicate your promotions to your customers.

Exclusive private discounts

If you run a luxury business where price tags are higher but customers are fewer, you may know personally the loyal customers who return to your store. Reward these customers by offering them an exclusive discount that is better than your store-wide discounts to encourage them to consider you during Black Friday gift buying. 

Voice broadcast

Calling your loyal customers one by one will require time-consuming manual work, which can tie up resources you do not have the luxury of losing during the busy holiday season. An easy solution is to use voice broadcast, a cost-effective technology that enables you to call all of your customers simultaneously and within a few seconds. Whether you are calling a select group of people or all of your customers, with voice broadcasting, send custom voice messages about your promotions and reach a greater number of people in a shorter period of time. Voice broadcasting is also a powerful strategy because it allows customers to hear your voice, which fosters a deeper connection and adds a human touch to your promotions. 

Get more exposure for your Black Friday promotions using CallFire’s cost-effective voice broadcast solutions. For pennies a call, work with an industry leader and increase foot traffic to your store for Black Friday and the rest of the holiday season. Want to get started right now? Sign up for a free account today.


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