Sunday, December 4, 2016

Mobile marketing has flourished and evolved throughout the years, profiting plenty of businesses. Yet, there are still several myths surrounding mobile marketing, preventing business owners from reaping the benefits of SMS marketing. Perhaps you’ve been on the fence yourself, or want to persuade partners to implement text messaging to your marketing strategy. If so, here is why you shouldn’t believe the myths.

It’s Invasive

Many people have an ill perception of cold calls as they do not want to be bothered with sales calls while busy. Business texts can sometimes be lumped into a similar category, and so businesses believe they are intruding on their customers’ personal lives. If companies schedule text messages at appropriate times and frequency, and are friendly and concise, they are not being invasive. After all, subscribers chose to have an intimate form of communication when they opted-in, meaning they probably prefer the quick interaction over emails.

Very Complicated

Businesses may shy away from adding more platforms to their marketing strategy in fear of confusing associates and users. However, business SMS platforms are easy-to-use and API technology can customize the text messaging services according to the business’s needs. Companies will only need to share their opt-in info with prospects by providing a keyword and short code. Once they opt-in, they will automatically be added to a subscriber list on the text platform, where text campaigns can easily be created and scheduled.

High Price Point

It may be assumed that SMS is only for large businesses with overflowing bank accounts.  However, many providers charge pennies per message or offer a value monthly plan. Small businesses need not worry about jeopardizing their budget since a cost-effective plan exists for companies at any stage and size.

There’s an Age Gap

Millennials are often presumed to be the largest group of mobile users, so companies who are not targeting millennials, or want to expand their target, may resist using SMS marketing. Nonetheless, targeting only one age group is problematic as it eliminates the possibility for larger reach. According to Pew Research Center, about 92% of aged 50+ smartphone owners use SMS. Older generations, as well as millennials, are high mobile users who are eager to receive brand notifications via text.

It’s a Fad

Technology is constantly changing, and fads emerge as quickly as they disappear. With websites, QR codes, SMS, social media, MMS, and apps available for use, it can be unclear as to what is still relevant and what will result in the most conversions. Many marketing tools can be used together to develop a solid strategy, but SMS marketing is essential because over 98% of text messages are opened. 

SMS is still very relevant, affordable, simple-to-implement, and universal. Using text message marketing is the best way to connect with customers on a personal level.