Thursday, November 24, 2016

Opting for the most efficient way to communicate with your community group is essential in this day and age. Folks lead busy lives, but we all want to stay connected to what is important to us. Whether you’re part of a church, parish, or other religious group, bulk text messaging can help your community group thrive. Here is how and why:

Immediate, Effective, Personalized Results

If you’re using email to get your group message read, you’re lightyears behind. While emails can get lost in the deadly spam folder and have open rates hovering around 15 percent to 22 percent, text messaging is immediate, with 98 percent of recipients opening texts within 15 minutes of receiving them. Additionally, it takes about an hour and a half to respond to an email. If your message is time sensitive, such as a last-minute closure or community group meeting, bulk text messaging is the way to go, especially since 91 percent of U.S. citizens always have their smartphones within reaching distance, according to Morgan Stanley.

Event Promotions

To reach folks outside of your regular organization, you need to market your community group and all that it has to offer. To do this, simply add SMS texting as part of your marketing campaign, along with the traditional flyers, print ads, and local community bulletins. Include a keyword or code for interested parties to text for more info about your organization’s services.


Numerous organizations, non-profit groups, and churches are finding that SMS texting is a fantastic way to inquire about donations. During a service, you can inform your visitors about the text donation program and get a list of names and numbers. Text a link for them to donate online. This allows people who forgot to bring a check or cash to donate at a later time when it is convenient for them.


Another way to utilize bulk messaging for your community group is to send out a survey link via text. Not only does this help you to engage with community members, but it also helps to provide valuable insight on what your organization can do better, such as host more events or classes.

There are a number of ways your community group can use bulk texting to flourish.