Wednesday, October 26, 2016
At CallFire, we continue to improve the industry's leading voice and text messaging platform for businesses. Check out some of our recent enhancements below.

Copy Broadcast/Campaign
Save time by copying and re-running any CallFire broadcast or campaign -- whichever product you're using. Keep existing broadcast/campaign settings and contacts, or make updates to launch modified versions. Any broadcast or campaign that is not currently running may be copied.

Contextual Help
We've embedded Help content throughout CallFire, so it's always at your fingertips. Simply click on the Help link wherever you are...whenever you need it. Content that pertains to your current CallFire activities will display.

Improved Payment Settings
More accessible and intuitive payment settings allow you to set a preferred payment option, edit your current credit card details, and more. Go to Billing >> Payment Settings.

Contact List Sorting
Sort your contact lists by any column you'd like -- list name, size, create date, etc. -- simply by clicking on the corresponding column header. Click again to reverse the order.

Stay tuned for more great products, tools, and enhancements coming soon.