Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Seasonal marketing twists can begin to feel passé rather than intriguing. However you feel about holiday-themed marketing, the evidence strongly suggests that it works—particularly during this time of year. Don’t miss an opportunity to cash in on holiday shopping with these easy seasonal marketing twists.

Make It a Deal

The best thing you can give shoppers around the holidays is a great deal. Aside from regular holiday shopping, the end of the year has become a ritualistic time for people to make big purchases on products and services they might have been waiting for all year. Meet your customers’ expectations and reward them with a solid bargain, and they’ll likely come back for more throughout the year.

Be Creative

Just because Christmas happens once every year doesn’t mean you can reuse the same marketing plan. This may be obvious, but it’s something worth mentioning especially because everyone (including marketers) gets so busy during this time of year. Creating a unique marketing slogan, creative ad, or contest can really make a difference during the holidays. While small business may not have the same financial resources the big-box brands do, they certainly can compete when it comes to creative holiday marketing.

Netflix did an excellent job of creating a fun and effective ad for the holiday season in 2013, when it ran its “Fireplace for Your Home” trailer. The funny preview came just after the company received bad press for a second service called Qwikster. Netflix bounced back brilliantly that holiday season, thanks to its humorous advertisement.

TopShop delivered another great example of creativity during the holiday season in 2013. Using social media to bolster the messaging, Top Shop successfully launched a Pinterest contest, which drew visitors to explore TopShop’s online store. Using a catchy hashtag, TopShop rewarded customers for pinning their products on Pinterest boards, gaining them both loyal customers and some free marketing from online contestants.

Put Customers First

The holidays are beloved for bringing friends and family together, but they can also be a time of great anxiety and stress for people. Be aware of these contrasting perspectives and offer both enthusiasm and support for each type of customer.

In addition to offering great products and services, make sure they also offer solutions or support to various holiday dilemmas. By including both of these types of experiences into your holiday marketing, you’ll appeal to more customers and their unique sensibilities.

Remember, it’s not about reinventing the wheel this holiday season, but it is about meeting expectations and delivering a twist on the classics. A little effort can go a long way with stressed customers, and your special attention to holiday marketing will surely pay off.