Monday, July 20, 2015


In recent years, automation software and mobile technology have paved the way for an entirely new approach to real estate marketing. Marketing ideas for realtors that would have been impossible to realize a decade ago are now possible thanks to a range of new technologies.

One of the most important developments in realtor tech has been the emergence of SMS messaging as a universal platform enabling conversation between businesses and consumers. Everyone with an SMS-enabled phone (which is practically everybody in the United States) can be reached via text message. Those messages can link to rich content like photo galleries and virtual tours, encouraging contacts to delve further into your business. 

Additionally, SMS real estate marketing strategies act like a filter, giving realtors extremely useful data on who their most promising leads are - and who simply isn’t looking to invest in property. Let’s take a look at how a real estate text marketing campaign might work…


Despite the huge strides made by technology innovators, old school real estate marketing strategies still have their place. In particular, the ‘For Sale’ sign isn’t about to disappear from front lawns across the country. As long as people are walking and driving by houses, it will remain one of the best ways to see a property (second only to an actual walk-through or open house). Apart from anything else, house hunters expect to see that sign, which is why your first order of business is to get it right. The sign should be as uncluttered as possible. Limit the information to ‘For Sale’ followed by the shortcode and keyword for more information. The less you tell them on the sign, the more intrigued they’ll be. Once they’ve opted in to your SMS list, the real conversation can begin.


Before the text messages start coming in, you need to set up the automated response. It should outline important details like price, power source and number of rooms. Include a link to your site. Assume your initial message is only going to feature phones with SMS capabilities, otherwise you run the risk of rich content not being viewed by a significant percentage of the people who opt in. That means including crucial contact information (office address, phone number) in a plain text format.

Following Up

Text marketing for realtors is the same as for any other industry: the B2C relationship is consensual, and once you’ve obtained permission, you’re entitled to send more messages. Nevertheless, it’s easy for contacts to opt out, so great care must be taken not to bombard them with annoying, useless text messages. Send a follow up asking what they thought of the property. If they are no longer looking, they will likely opt out after the follow up, but others will still be searching. Now’s your chance to schedule a viewing, or let them know about other properties in your portfolio.

SMS is an affordable, convenient real estate marketing strategy. If you’ve yet to adopt mobile marketing tactics as part of your overall strategy, try using SMS messaging for your next campaign.