Thursday, December 11, 2014

Among the many ways of optimizing marketing campaigns, call tracking is a fantastic method for improving website performance. Let’s check out a few ways call tracking gives website marketing a big boost:

Learn Which Pages Generate the Most Call Traffic

An impressive website, great search rankings, and popular social media channels are all crucial components of online marketing; however, it’s important to know which web pages and channels are resulting in offline calls. Adding call tracking to a web site directs visitors to call a unique phone number, which the site owner then uses to examine the exact path each consumer takes in reaching the business. Site owners can track whether website conversion are most prominent among referral, paid search or organic traffic. Such data provides optimal insights into consumers’ behavior, and also indicates which pages require improvement.

Find New Opportunities

Listening “intensely” to each phone call and inquiring as to the origin of the calls is a way to unlock potential business opportunities. In addition to what pages and site aspects need improvement, call tracking might also yield new target market research, new target market segments, and new products customers are clamoring for. Integrating information from call tracking and web analytics software also help find which keywords are working in search rankings, a critical part of website performance, and therefore contribute to re-focusing SEO strategies. Knowing which keywords are favored by existing and potential customers is very helpful in terms of targeted ads.

Boost Inbound Leads

Implementing call tracking makes it possible to create a strategic marketing campaign that generates more qualified leads and therefore more profit. Try assigning a unique phone number to a specific marketing campaign, each with a unique landing page on the web site, in order to accurately quantify performance and understand which strategies are working and which aren’t...and why.

Increase Conversion Rates

A conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who complete a contact form or take the call-to-action, as well as the number of people who called due to a particular landing page. Record calls to obtain customer and potential customer feedback, and optimize the website and landing pages based on said feedback. This is yet another way to ensure high-quality leads.

Modify Website Navigation

Your website should “lead customers down a sales path” that directs them from one page to another page and finally the sales page. Utilize your collected data to determine which pages users are looking for when buying—are customers calling from pages that aren’t sales pages? If so, modify website navigation to provide customers with clear buying instructions and actionable pathways.

Without call tracking, web marketers are essentially shooting in the dark. Utilize call tracking methods to vastly improve website performance via the above and other creative analytical tactics.