Monday, November 3, 2014
Selling your product or service via SMS messaging is rather like the ‘elevator pitch’ so beloved of marketers and moguls. You’ve got a small window to get a few key points across, and it had better be informative, intriguing and succinct.
Luckily, nobody knows your customers better than you. You’re well-positioned to talk to them in terms they will understand. If you’ve got a social media presence, you probably already have a bunch of data on their preferences. And the beauty of SMS is the ability to divide your contacts into subsets and tailor different messages accordingly. Prepare well, and creating an effective mobile marketing strategy is a lot easier than you think.
To make those 160 characters work for you, follow these five top tips:
  1. Figure out who your customers are. They may fall within several different categories. If that’s the case, create different campaigns that suit those individual needs.
  2. Tell your audience who you are right from the getgo. The more upfront you are, the less likely they are to delete.
  3. Grab their attention. Evoke energy and excitement in a coherent, succinct way. Don’t ramble – you don’t have the space and they don’t have the time.
  4. Provide a clear call to action. Beating around the bush sends the message that what you’re selling isn’t worth much.
  5. Timing. Be respectful and only send messages after 10am and before 8pm.
Of course, not every message will be ‘perfect.’ But, to increase your odds of success, it’s important that you learn from your results from each campaign to see what is working well and not so well with your customers and take that into the next campaign you send out.