Monday, September 8, 2014

Modern telephony tools have been a real boon to countless industries, none more so than recruitment. Cloud call centers, IVR, text messaging - they all play a key role in helping recruiters reach more people and provide better service. But voice broadcasting is where the really eye-popping stats are generated.


With voice broadcasting, you can reach literally thousands of people within a few seconds. You don’t need to hire large numbers of staff to make fruitless cold calls. You don’t need to clog up inboxes and spam folders, which only creates bad blood toward your brand. You don’t even need to have much of a web marketing strategy to support a voice broadcasting campaign.


Not only is voice broadcasting effective and relatively affordable, it’s a cloud based solution, so doesn’t require any software to be installed or new hardware to integrate with your existing system. You simply create an account and a contact list, and start reaching thousands of people within minutes.


The only thing you need to worry about is the content of your voice broadcast. Recruiters generally look to build personal relationships with clients, so the trick here is to make your message as informal as possible whilst remaining professional. You could hire a voice actor, but often it’s more effective to use someone within the company. If you use an employee who can field return calls there will be a satisfying continuity between the voice broadcast and the live call.


Beyond that, there are a few best practices for recruiters to adhere to when crafting a message. To help you, here’s our top tips for creating an effective voice broadcast:

  • If you refer to your company as an industry leader, be sure that your online reputation and presence supports such a bold claim

  • Don’t bother leaving your email address - nobody will get in touch this way

  • Limit your broadcast to around 100 words

  • Be clear and concise

  • Mention no more than one or two existing customers in your message

  • Give a compelling reason for them to return your call, such as a time-sensitive position that might be suitable, or an offer of free training

Voice Broadcast could be the missing weapon in your marketing arsenal. Why not give it a try and see what it does for your next marketing campaign?