Thursday, August 7, 2014

Call tracking lends itself to many industries, including entertainment. Rather than wasting money on ineffective advertising and otherwise simply hoping for the best on the day of the event, utilize call tracking to streamline promotional efforts. Check out a few ways call tracking for entertainment and events makes the planning process easier:

Advertisement Tracking

Want to ensure your advertising efforts aren’t going to waste? Call tracking allows you to monitor marketing and advertising via the purchase of local and toll-free phone numbers, which you may display on ads. See which advertising campaigns are resulting in the most calls to your sale lines and make adjustments as needed. Discard campaigns that fail to drive in calls while tweaking the ad channels that work to optimize your advertising and get the most calls possible.

Consumer Behavior

Go beyond advertisement monitoring and use call tracking to review consumer behavior. Track ticket sales to discover which events are the most popular and why, and examine what can be done to change less-popular promotional affairs. After all, why keep running promotional events that barely spark consumer interest, when you can use call tracking to fine-tune the process?

Funds Tracking

Another benefit of call tracking is to analyze your marketing spend. Save money by analyzing entertainment marketing efforts through Google Analytics, which provide a holistic view of your advertisement performance. This eliminates wasteful spending and allows you to put money into marketing efforts that work.

Additional Tips for Streamlining Event Promotion

Email invitations are a method of streamlining event promotion, as they make it easy to check invitation status in real time. Response rate is important, and additional marketing campaigns put into action based on said rate. You can use call tracking on different email campaigns in order to determine which email messages work the best.

Other tips for getting the most out of event promotion is payment automation. Rather than going the manual event payment route, which gets tricky fast, make it possible for attendees to pay when they register—even via phone. A secure online registration process deposits funds directly into the designated bank account, and also avoids credit card handling, payment receipt verification, and the manual entering of attendee information. Instead, both you and the attendees can track finances instantly! For best results, have your refund policy clearly stated on the registration site or via your interactive voice response system when customers pay.

These are just some of the ways call tracking and related efforts contribute to effective, popular promotional events. Use the above tips and tricks to make the planning process easier on yourself. Planning a big event of any kind is always a challenge, so avoid added stress by taking advantage of the right tools. Good luck!