Thursday, July 17, 2014

Have you developed a strong social media presence and optimized website but still aren’t generating any leads? If so, you’re far from alone. In the real estate business, it’s surprisingly common for agents to fall into the same traps over and over again. A solid marketing plan for real estate companies is as much about avoiding time-consuming mis-steps as its is about positive engagement.
Remember too that lead generation for realtors is completely different to lead management. Just because you’re getting lots of interest doesn’t mean you will automatically win new business. Your overarching strategy for dealing with potential customers must be effective at producing results, or your lead generation efforts will be wasted. With that in mind, let’s dispel some common misconceptions about realtor lead generation and management:

Myth: Real Estate Lead Generation is Easy
Facts: Lead generation for realtors is tough, because lead generation is tough, period. You need to invest significant resources for a lead gen campaign to work. That means time and money spent on content, SEO, PPC, social media, website growth, and good old-fashioned direct marketing. Even when your efforts translate into leads, the hard work is only just beginning. Retaining leads is a full time occupation. And if you think most leads aren’t worth pursuing, read on…
Myth: Most Commercial Real Estate Leads Are a Waste of Time
Facts: Your agents are hungry. They want success and they want it now. But failure to play the long game is guaranteed to lose you business. Real estate leads for agents should be treated like eggs. Incubated and cared for over a long period of time, they will become hatchlings. Smash them in frustration and you end up with egg all over your face. The fact is, 50% of online real estate leads take 12-24 months to convert into clients, so your process must offer insight into a customer’s needs for two years before you can write them off.
Myth: Prioritize People who want to Buy Now
Facts: Creating a singular marketing plan for real estate agents with the sole objective of converting current house hunters is myopic, and doomed to failure. Why? Because there simply aren’t enough commercial real estate leads to be gained from purchase-ready consumers. Most of them are already working with an agent, or at least comparing different agents. Why throw yourself in a fight that’s already over, or at least difficult to win? Instead, your realtor lead generation efforts should target people in the earliest stages of looking at houses. Typically, homebuyers start looking for property some nine months before actually purchasing, so cater your marketing plan for real estate prospects at the very start of their journey. Use real estate lead generation software and other tools like call tracking to help you stay on top of long-term leads.
Myth: You Can Do Your Own SEO
Facts: If you think you can save money on online real estate lead generation by trying out some of the SEO tactics you read about, think again. Effective SEO strategies require expertise, and expertise requires cash. Compelling content – and lots of it – is just the first step. You need backlinks, social media management, onsite keyword optimization and architectural improvements – the list goes on. Don’t scrimp on SEO. If you really want to see results, your marketing plan for real estate lead generation must budget for an experienced SEO consultant.