Thursday, July 3, 2014
Fresh out of realtor marketing ideas? Creating the perfect Voice Broadcast message is fast becoming a first, critical step in the real estate mobile marketing process. It’s inexpensive, and proven to work. Moreover, you can create personalized messages tailored to individual prospects or groups of prospects. Ultimately, a well-executed Voice Broadcast campaign will help you generate new business.
If you get it right, real estate marketing messages are more effective than live agent calls. But ‘getting it right’… aye, there’s the rub.
The trick is to make your messages appear as personal as possible. If you don’t have real estate call center staff to record messages, don’t be tempted hire a voice actor. They will sound too professional, and ultimately give the game away that the message is pre-recorded. Use an employee who can field any returned calls so there is continuity between the voice broadcast and the live call. And don’t rehearse them to a point of suspicious slickness – a few ums and aws in the recording make it sound more genuine.
Before we create your perfect voice message, let’s take a look at some dos and don’ts for creating a winning marketing strategy for real estate firms:
  • Don’t refer to your company as the industry leader unless your online presence backs that up 100%
  • Do be clear and concise
  • Don’t leave your email address – nobody will get back to you this way
  • Do vary your tone of voice, and convey your belief in the product
  • Don’t ask for a time commitment until they call you back
  • Do limit your message to fewer than 100 words
  • Don’t name drop lots of existing customers – one or two will suffice
  • Do provide a compelling reason for them to return your call
With these tips in mind, we’ve created a message for you to refer to when developing your own real estate marketing solutions. It’s not perfect – there is no ‘perfect’ message – but it’s a good starting point:
“Hello, this is R S Tate, and we called to give you some news about properties available in your area. I hope we get to speak in person before too long. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at our latest listings online – we’ve added 12 homes in the past month, and sold more than half that number so far. It’s very much a sellers market right now. If you’re interested in getting a valuation for your home, or a general overview of your neighborhood, feel free to call us back at 555-***-****. Take care for now, bye."
If you can craft an appealing, warm, friendly message that contains an offer of true value, you will get returned calls. In tandem with real estate text message marketing, voice broadcast is one of the few marketing strategies for realtors that doesn’t cost the earth, and doesn’t require vast teams of personnel to achieve. With the perfectly pitched voice message, your marketing plan for real estate lead generation just got a whole lot more interesting and, I’ll wager, more effective to boot. So why wait? Turbo charge your real estate marketing strategy using Voice Broadcast today!