Thursday, June 26, 2014

Call tracking is an ideal way to expand a company and subsequently increase brand awareness, but how do you know if it’s right for your auto dealer business? Let’s take a deeper look at call tracking, as well as some of the benefits of it offers the automotive industry:

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking allows you to purchase local and toll-free numbers from one database for advertising use. It tracks the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, therefore assisting the user in reviewing what’s working and what isn’t, and why. Track marketing success as well as ROI to advertise your business effectively and for an affordable price. Maintain a local presence using call tracking or create a global one depending on your needs. SMS-enabled tracking is also available for sending text messages from a long code, allowing you to respond to customer questions via text, or track messages using Google Analytics.

Different Numbers Across Different Markets

One of the ways call tracking benefits the automotive industry is auto dealers can place different phone numbers across different markets. This includes ad channels such as radio, print, online and television. Analyze each phone call to determine which demographics, channels and markets are seeing the most calls. You may find one demographic is surprisingly receptive to a particular campaign while another isn’t, or that a marketing campaign using one specific channel isn’t working when another deserves much more attention and would benefit from increased ad spend.

Optimal Advertising

Once you’ve established which channels and demographics are driving the most calls about your automotive business, you can easily optimize your marketing plan to focus on “working” channels. This saves money and allows you to focus on the most successful automotive markets and campaigns. Why waste time and money catering to an audience or specific corner of the market who aren’t interested in what your business has to offer? Use the information provided by call tracking to devise a marketing plan that targets your audience and keeps them coming back as your best and most loyal customers.

Don’t waste money and energy on one or more advertising campaigns that don’t work! Wasteful spending is a pitfall of any business, and being able to carefully analyze your automotive marketing strategies with real statistics is a benefit no company should underestimate. If you’ve been wondering why your marketing campaign isn’t having the effect it should, look into call tracking and make revisions!