Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Let’s face it: email marketing is a tough way to convert leads. There’s a great deal of advertising out there competing for your future customers’ attention, and everyone’s inbox is blowing up with material no one has the time to read. The truth of the matter is that we all still use email as a primary source of communication. And if the right combination of keywords in the subject line of your outbound email persuades a future customer to open that email – then you’ve got to have the right tools to track what, when, and why that advertising strategy worked. Call tracking is one possible solution.

Discover Which Emails are Working

Ordinarily, when your business receives a call, much of the information regarding the potential client can be tracked in traditional ways. The lead can be chalked up to a successful email campaign, but that’s where the trail runs cold. There are crucial details about this customer that need to be tracked, and if you’re running a small business without the proper infrastructure in place, that information could be going down the drain.

With call tracking, you get a myriad of benefits when you track a call: call recordings, call logs, and most importantly exactly which campaign is the most successful. Each version of email or segmented call list has its own phone number leading back to your company’s main line, which can then be tracked to determine a number of factors, including: which message was most attractive, what time(s) of day worked best, which call lists had the best response rate, etc.

Optimize Your Email Marketing with Call Tracking

Simply put, when in question receives your email campaign, the phone number displayed in the email is a dedicated, unique number for that particular content or call list. This allows your operator to track the nature of the call based on the contents of the email sent to the caller. The email itself is unique as well, with tailored keywords and content that may be tracked back to the caller. And by tracking which email campaign produces the highest volume of callers, you can readily determine which campaign was the most successful and subsequently spend the time, energy, and budget where it counts.

Email marketing may be tough, but you can gather the tools you need to succeed. Your competition is fighting for your future customers’ attention, and they’re using all the firepower in their arsenal to do it. Articles and blogs chock-full of curated content – not to mention those social media marketing posts – are vying for your clients’ precious time, so you’ve got to kick it up a notch. Call tracking helps you develop tried-and-true advertising channels that actually work, decreasing supe4rflous spending on bunk marketing campaigns and thus increasing your net.