Monday, February 25, 2013
The problem with many automated answering programs is the lack of personal touch. We’ve all had to sit and wait through robotic phone menus that sound disinterested and detached. The speech is clipped, the voices are generic and difficult to understand, and the overall experience is frustrating and doesn’t do much to engender brand loyalty.

Though mobile applications are on the rise and are quickly becoming the first go-to for things like tech support or general information, the need for IVR systems is still great. There are some things that require a conversation with a human being, and few things are more galling than exhausting your tech options before calling and trying to talk to a computer.

Luckily, not all virtual receptionists are made equal. CallFire’s automated attendant setup is designed to put you in charge; your voice, your options, your extensions and your company image portrayed exactly how you want. Our IVR platform is extremely user friendly, and will enable you to set up a professional and functional phone tree so that by the time you do get clients on the phone, they’re in a good mood and not frustrated by detached automatons. 


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