Thursday, February 14, 2013
As we move further into the New Year, mobile technologies that we’ve been anticipating for quite some time are finally becoming prevalent amongst a significant amount of users, such as mobile payments. Major companies are making it easier and easier to purchase meals, clothing, and other day to day products via mobile interface, and smart companies are pragmatically streamlining their systems for familiarity and ease of accessibility.

As such, 2013 is poised to be the greatest mobile marketing spending year we’ve seen to date, and we can fully expect to continue to see loyalty-building innovations such as Apple’s Passbook implemented by smart marketers left and right. What this means for you and your company is the time is nigh to redirect marketing dollars toward mobile ends
CallFire exists to help businesses breach the new world business model and streamline their mobile outreach and marketing processes to maximize return and minimize headaches. We stay ahead of the mobile marketing curve so that we can make our considerable resources available to you and your business. Making use of CallFire’s API means that you can actually build voice and SMS applications tailored specifically to the needs of your business. Take advantage of these tools before it’s too late to change and adapt successfully.

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