Thursday, February 7, 2013

It sounds scary: the cloud. Shlepping all your operations to this mysterious cloud sounds like a heavy task. In fact, at CallFire we speak to hundreds of prospective customers every month who tell us why they are not sure the cloud is a good fit for them.

No need to worry, moving to the cloud is really easy. Based on some of the frequently asked inquiries that we regularly get, here are the top reasons that hosted VoIP services are a perfect fit for any business.

1. Savings, savings, savings! 

CallFire users end up saving 50 to 80 percent on their service just by switching to the cloud. With our world class phone applications, we’re not only less expensive than analog providers, but we also include more features and we never require a contract. 

2. Reliability.

Having an on premise phone solution in your office can be reassuring. When you move to CallFire you’ll have over 99% uptime and protections against security fraud. Our engineers have architected a system with redundant data centers and fail overs. We’ are constantly monitoring for potential service interruptions.

3. Agility.

As you scale up and your needs change CallFire scales with you. Adding new employees and providing new extensions is extremely easy. All you have to do is log into your online dashboard and make the necessary changes. We don’t charge you extra fees when you need to make modifications.

4. Features.

CallFire has some of the world’s greatest telephone applications. You not only get the same features as your analog system, but we give you cool apps like SMS marketing, predictive dialing tools, and voice broadcasting.

5. Ease of Use.

Getting setup is super easy. From our dashboard you can easily set up your phone tree configuration and have access to all of our easy to use phone applications. Creating text marketing campaigns, setting up a toll free number is incredibly easy. 

There are number of reasons you should move your telephone service to the cloud. If you need some more convincing please feel free to call our support staff at 877-897-FIRE.

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