Monday, January 28, 2013
Mobile has been integral to the marketing strategies of countless brands in 2012. New mobile applications like QR codes and augmented reality have made mobile have changed the way brands are interacting with consumers. While great progress was made in 2012, their will be even more exciting trends in 2013.

Here some interesting ways that mobile will grow in 2013:

1. Mobile Payments

There were great expectations that 2012 was going to be a big year for mobile payments. Unfortunately, it mobile payment processing has yet to emerge as a popular means of making purchases.

Consumers have become more comfortable making orders via their smartphones and companies like StartBucks, McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts are making it very easy to make orders through a consumer’s smart phone.
Google will undoubtedly make purchasing easier through their Google Wallet offering and Apple has made some headway in mobile commerce through its recent Passbook release.

As the mobile payment experience becomes more and more painless, the mobile wallet movement will continue to grow.

2. Integrated Triggered Experiences

2013 will undoubtedly see an uptick in mobile triggered consumer interactions. You can imagine walking through a mall and getting pinged by a brick and mortar retail store notifying you of their newest deals.

In addition, having a mobile e-commerce site is essential to any brand, which allows retailers to drive secondary add-on sales and  track consumer engagement by tapping real-world triggerpoint marketing opportunities.
QR codes mean adding mobile triggerpoints at the time of sale to be easy.  Mobile is poised to drive the majority of tracked consumer interaction and related purchases.

This sentiment is only validated by existing data. Paypal for example saw a 250%  increase in mobile payments in 2012 and expects to process $20 billion in 2013. 15% of all ecommerce will occur through mobile in 2013. Tablet commerce is growing faster than mobile commerce did.

With these trends it is critical that retailers build a unique mobile channel. Scraping together a mobile portal from the existing web portal is not going to cut it. Use existing API’s to put together a unique mobile portal as a new channel.

While their certainly be more innovations around mobile, you can expect many companies to take existing technologies and make more use of it in 2013. In addition, as mobile expands, marketers will have more data to explore. Retailers and brands will have to do something actionable with their abundance of data.

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