Tuesday, July 17, 2012
Dialing all day can be quite the onerous task. Lead follow up can often seem like panning for gold. It often can take hours before you have a “Eureka!” moment.
These five outbound power dialing best practices are designed to get more Eureka moments out of your outbound marketing efforts:

List Hygiene.

Keeping lists current and clean is of the utmost importance. It’s critical to track things like the lead’s timezone, administrator names, and ancillary contact materials, etc. Before dialing an agent needs to make sure all the fields in their call sheets are accurate and up to date. You shouldn’t start dialing until you can seamlessly dial through the last from top to bottom.


Filling your toolbox with tools and knowing how to use them: Jigsaw, NetProspex, InsideView, LinkedIn, Google Alerts and Google Search, LeadLanders and others. Knowing how to use these tools will help you work smarter. These tools should never be a burden. If you find they get in the way when you are in power dialing mode, clean your desktop.

Clean Your Desktop.

A cluttered desktop can be a major distraction when you’re predictive dialing. When it comes to Instant Messenger, Email, Browser Windows, etc. The only thing that should be on your desktop are those things that add value to your dialing—everything that is not pertinent to your dialing should be closed.

Don’t dial.

If you’re still hand dialing, your competitors are probably passing you by. Making your auto dialer experience as efficient as possible means using the newest auto dialer technology. Whether it is a power dialer or predictive dialer, these technologies put your dialing on rocket boosters. Autodialers increase the amount of live connects two to three times.

Prime Time for Dialing.

Power dialing at 10:20 AM would be a mistake. This is the most common time for prospects to be in a meeting. They’re likely to be in a meeting. They are more likely to be at their desks and willing to talk in the early morning, at the top of the hour, at lunch, in the late afternoon, in the early evening, on Monday holidays.
As you can see there are many aspects of a successful outbound dialing campaign. To learn more about how our staff can help you get started on our autodialer please call us at 213-221-2289.