Monday, July 16, 2012
In the era of social media keeping up with broadcasting trends on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is vital. However, as critical as it is to broadcast a large net on these large social platforms, many brands are neglecting an equally critical tactic that could propel them even further: narrowcasting. Narrowcasting involves a brand sharing content with smaller, more selective audiences. Unlike broadcasting, narrowcasting is about creating content tailored to compel recipients. Data suggests that narrowcasting is a competitive alternative to more traditional broadcast marketing. While broadcasting gets a message out to a massive audience, when it comes to reading and engaging with the content the numbers are astoundingly low. For example, 84% of Facebook news feeds aren’t viewed, 71% of tweets are ignored, and 88% of emails are unopened. Unlike these broadcasting mediums, SMS text messages have open rates of 98%, allowing companies that engage in text marketing to have a far truer reach. These open rates reinforce the power of narrowcasting to selective audiences. SMS gateway providers like CallFire and EzTexting, work with brands to create SMS marketing campaigns with very little setup time. For more information please call our support staff at 213-221-2289. Text Marketing