Friday, July 13, 2012

Call Tracking

As an SMS gateway and cloud telephony company, CallFire offers small businesses a variety of easy, efficient and affordable tools to market their products and services, and the national media is taking notice. This week, our Call Tracking product was cited in a article recommending “7 Tools for Measuring Your Marketing ROI.” Written by Mark Britton, founder and CEO of the advice site, Call Tracking was among those methods described as “smart, low-cost tools available for measuring your marketing ROI” and “a great way to understand which channels are most effective.” With Call Tracking, small businesses buy local or toll-free numbers, and then place a different one in each of their advertising categories, such as billboards, Internet ads, newspaper ads, television commercials and direct-mail pieces. The response that each of these dedicated phone numbers receives tells business owners which marketing methods work best. CallFire’s Call Tracking product can also be configured to serve the exact needs of a small business. Among the free features are the recording of all incoming calls, the creation of “whisper” messages that tell phone representatives which advertising medium the caller is responding to, and the use of the popular and insightful Google Analytics service. The full FOX Business article can be seen here.