Friday, May 11, 2012

It is becoming ever more vital that government agencies prepare adequate strategies to remain stable and functioning during unexpected crises. The ability to mass notify the public is essential to any government agency or municipality. SMS and emergency telephone notification systems are integral to maintaining communication between government agencies and the public during an emergency.

CallFire, a next generation cloud telephone company, has worked intimately with numerous government agencies to develop organizational telecom strategies. CallFire's president, Komnieve Singh, will discuss the latest trends and best practices for emergency notification campaigns. The webinar will focus on how leading governmental agencies and municipalities around the globe have used hosted voice broadcast and SMS text messaging combined with geographical targeting to provide solutions for rapid, reliable, two-way communication for public safety and save critical infrastructure during emergencies.

The webinar will also focus on how government agencies can utilize hosted telecom solutions to obtain critical data to help drive policy decisions and be more responsive to the public. CallFire has combed through their portfolio of government agencies to provide real life applications of such technology and the many innovations to come.

There are a multitude of ways government agencies can utilize cloud based voice and SMS solutions. Through this webinar CallFire will prepare your agency or organization for any situation that may disrupt normal operations and communicate on a massive scale, while making an organization more responsive to the public.

To learn more on how government agencies can utilize cloud based SMS text messaging and voice broadcasting solutions, click here to register for the webinar.