Tuesday, March 1, 2011

by Jeff Spisak

Have you noticed that the phone number of the contact you are calling is missing from the agent popup window? Why is that? Well, basically it's by design.  Some users do not want their agents to see the number being dialed, so CallFire hides this number. We do this by not displaying the Excel column of numbers you click when you are adding numbers to your campaign. So if you do want to show the phone number in your popup, you simply have to include the list of numbers in a second column. Look at the following example:

You see we've just copied the phone numbers into column B.  So now when we upload numbers into our campaign, and choose column A for the numbers, the system will hide column A, as designed. But since column B is a carbon copy, these numbers will display in the agent popup, along with the contact's name, company, and title. And that's all there is to know.