Thursday, February 17, 2011

by Jeff Spisak

You may have noticed that CallFire has recently changed its user interface. This was only the first step along the way as we implement new and exciting innovations in our application.

This first enhancement involves the main Campaign Dashboard page. Formerly, all inbound campaigns, including call forwarding numbers, were listed on the Campaign Dashboard. These have been moved exclusively to the My Numbers page (accessible by clicking the Numbers link in the top menu).

You'll also see an announcement about this change written across the top of the Dashboard, with a quick link to the My Numbers page. It also contains a quick link to the Account Settings page, which you can also get to by clicking the Settings link. This is where you can switch back to the "classic" view, and your inbound campaigns will once again display on the Dashboard.

For now, let's visit the My Numbers page by clicking on Numbers. Here we will find all of our forwarding numbers. Remember that you can reconfigure your number (change the forwarding number), as well as start and stop the campaign on this page. Tick the checkbox before the Tag name and then click the appropriate link.

Now if you'd like to go back to the former way of viewing things, when the inbound campaigns were listed on the Dashboard, click on over to your Account Settings, and change the option under View Inbound Campaigns to True.

When you get back to the Dashboard, both your inbound and outbound campaigns will be displayed, just like they used to be.

So the choice is yours. You may find it advantageous to keep the inbound campaigns on your Dashboard, especially if you are in the habit of copying inbound IVRs, as it is quick and easy to do this on the Dashboard. However, if you have a great many forwarding numbers that get in your way, you may want these to display only on the My Numbers page for clarity's sake, in order to keep the Dashboard clean and tidy.

Vive la différence!